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Our Leagues Enjoy:

  • 8 Week Seasons
  • Equipment provided
  • Teams may BYOB and snacks

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  • Monday's league is an intermediate league and runs from September 25 - November 13. No pros are allowed.
  • Wednesday's league is an advanced league and runs from September 27 - November 15. Only one pro player is allowed per team.
  • TO REGISTER: TEAM CAPTAINS, please create your team by clicking the "Join a league" button to the right. Once you've created a team, you can email your players to invite them to register. If you have any questions or trouble registering, please email us at league@stpeteshuffle.com.
  • A team is not considered fully registered until all the players have paid. A captain can pay for the team, or choose to have each player pay separately.
  • We have room for 40 teams each night. Each team may have 4 - 8 players. If your team has more than four players, you can rotate players in and out during an evening. It is $20 per player. All ranges of amateur players are welcome, from novice to advanced.
  • PLAYERS MUST BE CLUB MEMBERS! We will be checking that you're a member the first night. To join the club, go to http://stpeteshuffle.com/become-a-member.html
  • Games start promptly at 7 pm. Our doors open at 6:30 PM, no practicing on the courts until 6:45 PM. There will be no rain make ups. For instance if we are completely rained out one week, we will not be adding additional weeks to the league to make it up. If we're rained out during the middle of the evening, it will be up to the league director whether we make up the unplayed game/s the next week. The exception to this is the night of the finals, the eighth week. If it rains that night we will finish the finals the next evening. Monday's league will make up playoffs on Tuesday, Wednesday's league will make up playoffs on Thursday.

League rules:

  • This is a recreational league. First and foremost the league is for fun. Although some of our rules may be similar to tournament rules of other clubs, some will not. Please do not expect this to run like an FSA tournament or the way other clubs would run it. 
  • Each night the teams play six games (two at a time x3). A game is 12 frames. You get one practice round before the game starts (down and back once, then the game starts). This is confusing to new players but after the first game you'll get it!
  • For each game won, your team wins 10 points. A team can win up to 60 points a week. For each game lost, 4 points. If two teams tie at the end of 12 frames, they each win 7 points. For each game a team does not play in, they receive 0 points.
  • If your team does not have enough players a particular week, you can bring in a substitute. If your team does not have at least 4 players you will have to forfeit one or both games that evening. Players cannot play two sides of the court. A substitute needs to be a club member. If that substitute is used for multiple nights, they need to pay the $20 league fee. No substitutes are allowed on the night of the playoffs.
  • It is the responsibility of the players on the opposite side of the shooter to correctly call disks in or out before the next player shoots and put the score on the scoreboard correctly. If you need a ruling on whether a disc is in or out, and can't come to an agreement between your teams, you need to ask a third party to rule on it. You must rule before the next disc is shot. If the score is incorrect and a new frame has already started, the score on the scoreboard stays.
  • For each set of games, a team will play yellow on one court, and black on the other. If you can't come to an agreement about which team plays yellow or black on which court, flip a coin.

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